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We always try and find inspiration wherever we go, so this weekend we headed to the rather glam Vogue Festival, this year hosted at the Southbank Centre in London. Our intention, to hear from one of the best designers from our very own shores, Paul Smith.

Not adversed to public speaking, the talk itself began with a snippet of creative advice, as many of the audience members were students. He spoke enthusiastically about inspiration, and how it can be found in anything and everything if you, '...look and see...'

Such simple advice, but with the sheer bombardment of images, sounds, sights and smells we are exposed to on a daily basis, it's easy to forget to take that important step back, edit, appreciate and feel genuinely inspired.
Picture Credit: Darren Gerrish

In conversation with Paul Smith was fashion favourite, Vogue contributing editor, (and cover girl) Alexa Chung. The chit-chat was light-hearted rather than a fact-finding interview, but the content was no less interesting for it. In fact their genuine rapport just added to the relaxed feel and flow as they conversed.

With a career that has spanned over 30 years, Paul Smith shows no sign of slowing down, as the passion for his craft still sees him at his desk at 6am everyday after an early morning swim. And he likes to keep things simple, no computer and no email, ('...just 145 assistants!') to keep him informed of what he needs to know.

Picture Credit: Darren Gerrish

A life-long photographer, it was amazing to discover he shoots all his own campaigns to this day. He could be perceived as a control freak with such a contribution, but he genuinely doesn't come across that way at all, it's all down to the love of it, the passion, and the fact that anything less than 100% just isn't enough. He also spoke candidly about the fact there are far too many designers out there these days, and it's about finding that point of difference, and striving to be at least one step ahead.

We left feeling that little bit more motivated, and more positive that as long as you have passion at the heart of your creative endeavours, anything is possible...

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