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Setting The Pace

It seems crazy to think that a whole year has gone by since our 'Hand-Picked' exhibition of emerging designers was in full swing as part of London Design Festival. A lot has happened in the last 12 months, and for one of our hand-picked designers, it has meant the creation of her business and brand RCW, and showcasing her womenswear collection at London Fashion Week.

Last weekend, Reece Curtis-Walwyn presented her latest work in Devonshire Square, Central London, as part of the Independent Collections runway show. With a mix of her statement pieces, she added a few new feminine touches to her work. It was always lovely to see her collaborating with one of our other designers, Amy Leigh, who provided her statement jewellery to add the finishing touch to Reece's presentation.

Her work always exudes independence, confidence, and strength, without neglecting the importance of femininity, and I'm proud to see that she has not only achieved this with her clothes, but with her own determination to succeed in one of the hardest creative industries.


So what's next for the formidable fashion force? Reece has big plans unsurprisingly, with Paris Fashion Week a distinct possibility, as well as her first solo pop-up store. Knowing how determined she is, I guarantee you'll be seeing RCW stores popping up everywhere in the not too distant future.


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