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Repetition Rules

During a recent trip back to Nottingham Trent University, ex-student and one of our designers Lucinda Ireland, went to talk to some of the current crop of students studying Graphic Design.

Lucinda also became a Look Like Love talent scout for the day, and one graphic design student in particular caught her eye, second year student Ella Robinson.

Still honing her craft, the French-born 21 year old has a real freshness to her illustrative creations, and the repetition in her work gives them a real presence, developing a fun, refined style of working.

I try, as best as possible, to stay true to traditional illustrative techniques…and am driven by exploring and constantly absorbing memorising imagery, I’m aiming to develop a future of engaging, limitless surface prints…

I don’t often talk about commerciality in graduate collections, as there needs to be a certain freedom of expression to students work, but I also feel that it shouldn't be ignored, and this is something that Ella has managed to capture, consciously or not. It’s easy to imagine her work as a wallpaper, or print on fabric for cushions, tea towels or everyone’s favourite canvas bag. (You can never have too many!)

With her final year fast approaching, it’s an exciting time to showcase her personality as well as her passion for print-making, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

The Hands-on Approach

What A Time To Be Alive